Our services

Player representation

Our base offer includes contract negotiations as well as national and international transitions.

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Player scouting

We have our own team of scouts who, together with our international network, work to discover and connect the best talents with us.

Legal advisory

Our team makes sure you are protected. We provide legal support in dealing with the situations that arise during the different phases of an athlete's career.

Financial advisory

A successful career does not last forever. We offer financial planning so you can concentrate on what you're doing on the pitch.

Technical mastery

We offer our clients individual player development. Our coaches watch your actions on the pitch and carry out individually tailored training sessions to develop you as a player.


Physical development

We know that it's the details that make the difference. Our fitness coaches conduct sessions where we individually adapt and improve your strength, fitness and nutritional intake.

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Mental coaching

We know how important mental ability is for a player to reach the next level in his career. Our consultants are on hand to help you become a master of your own thoughts and feelings.


Marketing & Advertising

Our large network, experience and knowledge of the industry is a great asset when we highlight our players in the commercial landscape.

Player Representation

Nordic Sky work with player representation both domestically and internationally.

Representation involves the agent helping the player find a suitable club or league to play in and then handling the contract and other negotiations.

Domestically, agents work with helping players move to another club or league. Agents often have a wide network of contacts within the national football industry and can help players find the right club for their level and goals. They also assist in handling negotiations with clubs and leagues, including contracts and wages.

Internationally, agents work with helping players move to foreign clubs or leagues. This can involve helping players find the right club or league, handling contracts and negotiations, arranging relocation and accommodation, and helping with any language and cultural challenges. Agents often have a wide network of contacts in different countries and can help players find clubs and leagues that fit their level and goals. They are also important in helping players with the various legal and administrative aspects of moving to another country, such as visas, taxes, and any rules related to being a foreign player.

Player Scouting

Scouting is an important part of the process of finding and developing talented young players who have the potential to reach the professional level.

Nordic Sky uses a variety of methods to find players, including attending youth matches and tournaments, watching video footage of players, and using advanced technology such as statistics and game analysis tools.

When we find a talented player, it is part of the agent’s job to develop the player’s abilities and prepare him for a career in professional football. This can involve arranging training and coaching to improve the player’s technique, physical and mental health, as well as helping to create a good contract and managing the player’s financial interests.

Nordic Sky has a wide network of contacts in the football industry, including our own agents and scouts, coaches, and club managers. This network enables the agents to present the players they have scouted to different clubs and leagues, both nationally and internationally. By working together with clubs and leagues, the agent helps the player find the right club where they can develop and reach their goals.

Legal Advisory

Nordic Sky we provide legal advice to ensure that our clients get the best possible contracts and management of their financial interests.

Legal advice can include helping players understand and create contracts, including agreements with clubs, leagues, and sponsors. Our agents work with experienced lawyers to ensure that contracts are legally sound and advantageous for the player.

Legal advice can also include helping players resolve any disputes or conflicts that may arise with clubs or leagues. Agents work with lawyers to resolve these issues in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Another important aspect of legal advice is helping our clients understand and comply with all rules and regulations that apply to professional football, such as transfer rules and player agreements.

By providing legal advice, we at Nordic Sky help our clients avoid problems.

Financial Advisory

To help our clients manage their incomes and financial interests in a responsible and long-term way, we offer financial advice.

Financial advice can include helping players budget and manage their incomes, including salaries from clubs and sponsors. To assist us, we have experienced financial advisors to ensure that the players’ incomes are used in a sensible and strategic way.

Financial advice can also include helping players with investments and savings, to ensure that their financial situation is stable even after their active career. We can assist players in choosing suitable investments and help understand different financial products, to ensure that players can continue to enjoy a good financial situation.

Financial advice can also help players understand and manage taxes, fees, insurance and other financial-related matters, to avoid potential issues and keep their finances in order.
By providing financial advice, we at Nordic Sky help our clients make well-informed and responsible financial decisions that ensure they have a stable financial future.